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ECISMG Follow Up: Butter Spread Over Too Much Bread

Erik Decker of gave a thought provoking presentation on personal branding at the last East Central Indiana Social Media Group meeting. One of the most interesting points that stuck out to me was his believe that a person shouldn’t try to handle more than 2-3 social media channels.

As a person interested in social media, I have accounts on just about every platform available. But Erik was right. I certainly don’t post to all of them. Most just sit out there empty and unloved.

Late last year, I had already gone through the process of cutting myself down from two Twitter accounts down to one. I had a tried to maintain a personal and a business account. Deciding that my followers interested in digital marketing would not be interested in my other passions: pop culture, scriptwriting, long distance running, etc. It made sense to me to split myself into two categories.

But this lead to two problems. First, I never managed to post to both evenly. I would give all my attention to one of them for a few weeks then switch. Not an ideal situation. Second, my business account was dry and boring. Nobody likes to follow people who are all business all the time. I think people like to see well-rounded people with a variety of interests. So I went ahead and deleted the personal account, trusting my friends to find there way to my other account. The result has been that I have been able to become much more engaged on Twitter.

With this success behind me and Erik’s advice prompting me to think more about my situation. I have decided to close down all my extraneous accounts. I have decided to focus on the big three. Facebook for communicating with old friends. Google+ for longer posts about my hobbies. And Twitter for a combination of everything.

I’ll keep you updated about how it goes. Are you spreading yourself too thin? What social networks do you think you could cut and not even miss it?

My name is Josh Schweigert. I graduated in May 2012 with an M.A. in Digital Storytelling from Ball State University, and I am the Social Media Manager at Roosevelt University.

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