Portfolio: Flex Track Ad Campaign

This spring, Roosevelt’s marketing department launched a print, radio, and social media advertising campaign for our Adult and Professional Studies Program. The campaign targeted working adults and parents, focussing on the flexibility of the program. I developed the social media strategy for this campaign, working with our editorial and graphics team to design creative customized for our different audiences. Using Facebook’s and LinkedIn’s targeting tools, I pushed this creative to specific audiences. Visitors to Roosevelt’s landing pages were put in a custom audience and retargeted with new ads to push them towards conversion. I presented the results of the campaign both to our Chief Marketing Officer, the College of Professional Studies staff, and the Dean of our Adult and Professional Studies Program.
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Portfolio: Roosevelt University #Roosevelt2015

Twitter and Instagram have turned university graduation ceremonies into massive opportunities for live social media coverage. For our Spring 2015 ceremony, I was in charge of posting live photos to all our channels, responding to user posts, and taking photos with our DSLR camera for use on Facebook and LinkedIn after the event. We collected all of this content, along with posts from our graduating students and their family, into a Storify collection; this allowed us to publicize our efforts to audience members who are not on social media.
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Portfolio: Roosevelt University #ChicagoIsOurCampus

One of the staples of higher education social media marketing is posting many photos of beautiful campus buildings and sculptures. This was initially a struggle for me at Roosevelt. We have a non-traditional campus in downtown Chicago and no campus sculptures. My solution was to focus on our prime location in Chicago’s loop with its close proximity to top-rated restaurants, public art, and museums. This started as an unconnected strategy published only from our main page. Later, I decided to collect these posts together with a single hashtag and encourage other brand ambassadors from around the University to join our efforts. This campaign will continue in the coming school year with our newly formed team of student ambassadors.
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Portfolio: Roosevelt University #RUJusticeChat

When I started at Roosevelt, our marketing department was only using social media to broadcast messages to our audience. One of my main goals was to move Roosevelt’s strategy towards fostering community engagement on social media. One of the best ways I have seen other brands do this on Twitter is through the use of Twitter Chats. This spring, we piloted a university-sponsored chat focused around social justice (one of Roosevelt’s core branding themes). The chats were led by various professors; I met with and trained each professor ahead of time on best practices for running a chat. We wanted the chats to have a strong launch, so we selected a team of student ambassadors and prepped them on ways they could contribute during the live chats. The chats have proven to be successful, bringing in participation from other universities as well as engagement from potential students. We will resume this campaign in the Fall.
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Enchanted Luminaria Walk 2013

Portfolio: #LumiWalk Social Media Campagin

Each year in the first week of December, Minnetrista hosts the Enchanted Luminaria Walk. Thousands of Muncie community members come to Minnetrista’s campus to visit our decorated gardens, historical homes, and museum exhibits. Admission to the event is free and open to the public, and the event is intended to raise local awareness about Muncie’s history; honor the the foundation’s supporters, the Ball Family; and create a broader sense of community in the community.

I established this campaign at Minnetrista in 2012 and repeated it in 2013 to great success.
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