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About Me


I graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2010 with a BS in Media Production. My courses focussed on the foundational elements of storytelling and communication, with a heavy emphasis on traditional video and audio production.

After graduating, I wanted to expand beyond the arena of traditional media, and I enrolled in Ball State’s Digital Storytelling masters program. This program gave me the freedom to explore emerging media formats like podcasts, vlogs, websites, and web applications.

During my time at Ball State, I worked as a Graduate Assistant for the Athletic Department as a graphic designer and for the Center For Media Design as a videographer. Both these positions gave me freedom to work on my own, teaching me about time management and staying organized.

Upon finishing my program, I began working freelance as a Digital Marketing Specialist. I helped local businesses set-up new websites using the WordPress content management system, held training sessions to teach the basics of social media, and partnered with locally run e-commerce sites to manage their AdWords campaigns.

After moving to Chicago in June of 2014, I became the Social Media Manager at Roosevelt University. Roosevelt is an independent, non-profit, metropolitan university located in downtown Chicago. My position involves producing content for the University’s primary social media accounts; providing guidance and training to staff responsible for managing the social media accounts for University related organizations; writing and enforcing a University wide social media policy, and planning and executing the University’s social media advertising campaigns.

Before I moved to Chicago and joined Roosevelt’s marketing department, I was the Social Media Manager at Minnetrista, a non-profit cultural center and public garden space. My position involved enacting all aspects of Minnetrista’s digital marketing strategy including: managing a consistent content calendar for our blog, email, and social media channels; acting as a community manager and customer service representative for all social media conversations; and measuring our success by monitoring our key metrics via Google Analytics.


I married my wonderful wife, Aly, in December of 2010. We enjoy playing video games, going out for a game of frisbee golf, and talking about pop culture at length.

My love of stories drives me both to consume a lot of television, movies, and books; and to write my own stories in the form of movie and comic books scripts. My favorite television shows are The West Wing, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, and Doctor Who.

I am also addicted to long distance running after many, many years as a Cross Country and Track athlete.