ECISMG Follow Up: Why I Believe in Inbound Marketing

Ben Wachtel of Element Three came in and gave a great presentation on Inbound Marketing at the last East Central Indiana Social Media Group Meeting. I recommend that anyone interested in learning more about the topic, check out his PowerPoint from today.

Instead of adding on more tips and tricks about Inbound Marketing. I wanted to use this blog post to talk about why I am a big believer in the power of Inbound Marketing. When I first started working in social media marketing, I had some close friends express surprise because I haven’t always had the most positive things to say about marketing.
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ECISMG Follow Up: Like or Dislike The Company, Facebook is Amazing Technology

At today’s East Central Indiana Social Media Group, I gave a short presentation about Facebook Reach, and why I don’t think we should all be freaking out about shrinking numbers. My main point was that anyone working with social media should understand the basics of how Facebook determines the reach of individual posts (time, affinity, weight) before we accuse Facebook of a conspiracy to limit the effectiveness of pages. I gave this presentation in response to this video that has been making it’s way around the Internet:
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